Kayak technique – The “Cultural stroke”

As a young paddler, I was only interested in paddling fast and my coaches always told me to slow down and work on a more “cultural stroke”. With the years I can only appreciate the depth hidden in those two words – a “Cultural Stroke”.

What did they mean?

A cultural stroke means that first, there is thought behind your paddling, you’re not only paddling in auto-pilot but paying attention to your technique while paddling.

Secondly, while you are paying attention of your technique, there is a logic to it a method a style not freestyle.

Thirdly, don’t rush it! One stroke after another, this will allow your boat to achieve maximum glide without losing speed (or lose speed as less as possible). If 200m sprinters stroking 3 strokes a second can do it, so can you.

Lastly – make it meaningful! for each speed and each SPM (strokes per minute) your boat should have a certain DPS (distance per stroke). You have to do your best to keep it, paddling at higher SPM and shortening your DPS, doesn’t count as faster paddling. Be patient, that’s the essence of being cultural, small improvements will take you to new heights.

What are your thoughts? please share with us…

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