How to choose your paddle length?

Too long?  Too short? How should I decide my paddle length?

SUP Paddles come in all shapes and lengths.
The length of the paddle will influence your paddling style and technique, your cadence and efficiency.
Even if not adjusted correctly can injure the inexperienced paddler.

So what to do?

Here in Motionize we devised a short test to figure out what length is best specific to you and your personal paddling style.

What you’ll need?

A set distance that is around 250m/275 ft (it really doesn’t matter the exact distance, just try to understand the principle behind this test).
A stop watch.
Your paddle.

Now, we’ll do 3 runs of this distance –

1. try to do this distance in 60 strokes and check you time.
2. try to do this distance in 70 strokes and check your time.
3. try to do this distance in 80 strokes and check your time.
If your time improves on each run, this means your paddle is in the right length and size.

How does it work?

A good paddle is a paddle that when you pick up your paddling frequency your speed also improves, when you try to pick up your frequency and your boat speed does not respond, that means that the paddle is not in the right size.
A much better way to do so it is to use Motionize SUPerior or the Quick Blade Smart Paddle.
When paddling with SUPerior app you can have a real time indication on how your DPS affects your board speed. Again, we always look for a positive effect on the speed when using less efficiency.

Good luck!

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