6 tips that will help you improve your SUP balance

  1. Don’t overreach – trying to incorporate more leg work and rotation is great, but not at the expense of your stability. Make sure that your board glide smoothly without tilting in the recovery phase.
  2. Don’t over pull – pulling the paddle  too long to the back at a negative paddle angle will pull your body weight towards the paddle exit throwing you off your center.
  3. Catch the water don’t hit it – making a splash in the catch means that your blade entry was not optimal and the there was a counter force that push you away from the entry angle.
  4. Keep your core engage – try to brace your torso throughout your stroke, don’t release the tension during the stroke. Losing tension in the stroke is like breaking the one link in a chain, it will disconnect the power you are trying to transfer from the paddle to drive the board and will throw you off you center point.
  5. Keep your legs dynamic – stiff leg will amplify every wake or wave coming at you, making it harder and harder to maintain balance.
  6. Don’t Shrug – shrugging will strain your shoulders and neck and will also making it harder to adapt to the changing water conditions.


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