Paddle Geek Blog – Day 9

‘4, ‘6, ‘8 *3 sets SPM 68, 70, 72 P ‘2,’2,’5. 3m DPS
Today ATH session is on the ski, with time interval series.
We going to do 3 sets of 4’+6’+8′ min. The SPM will increase throughout the set while trying to maintain the the same stroke quality throughout the series.
We taking the level of complexity up a notch and introducing a new concept that is called transfer. We are not only training our stroke quality and physiology but also our ability to carry our storke efficiency while increasing our SPM.
Why is that so important? First, doing the same thing over and over again is boring and mentally taxing, but is also makes us not to think to much. The body adapts to a certain stroke and pace, and builds a comfort zone around it.
Racing is nothing but comfort zone, if you’ll train only at your comfort zone and will prepare yourself to adapt you’ll bound to be surprised. So putting the mental aside, the storke must also be prepared to adjust quickly.
So always keep in mind you have to challenge your stroke as well. Paddling in waves is great, paddling in a group is great but also smart planing helps the paddler develop to become a more “robust” paddler.
So today challenge is to transfer the storke quality to the increasing SPM and holding it for longer intervals. Make sure to keep DPS as high as possible while maintaining your ATH HR.
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