Paddle Geek Blog – Day 8

Stroke control: 8 *1000m @250 strokes ‘3P
For the second storke control session of the 30 days plan, we are taking the volume up while maintaining the very ambitious 4m DPS.
You’ll soon find that a 1000m is much more challenging than 500m @ 4m DPS, why is that? Stability!
Most paddlers when asking them to improve their stroke quality or glide tend to think they must put more and more power into the stroke. Putting more power in the water is a great help to improve boat movement but it is nothing when you don’t have boat stability.
You must feel stable in your boat, so you can set up your next stroke, if your are not stable enough and loosing balance between strokes, putting more power will only throw you harder to the other side.
So if we double the distance of each interval for the same DPS and HR, your speed will decrease and a lower speed will increase your instability.
I’d look to do the session at around ‘5”30 which will make me paddle at around 45 SPM. A good pro paddler will be able to do that in under ’4”50.
The storke control session is a great way to improve your balance, while perfecting your stroke, you learn how not to over reach, to brace the core to hold the boat and how to transfer the power from the leg to the water in a civilized fashion.
After the intervals we can do a few efforts of stroke play such as full power every 3rd stroke or left, right, left, left combo’s etc..
I hope that for next week I’ll be able to share a clip of me paddling with 4m DPS.
Hope you enjoy, don’t forget to follow Motionize.
See you tomorrow.

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