Paddle Geek Blog – Day 6

Accumulation session – 3* ’30 (2.5m< DPS 60, 65,70 SPM) ‘5P
So no paddling for a week is hard, and blogging about it is even harder! I’m getting a bit crazy here, but 3 more days hopefully and I’m back on the water.
Today’s session is the second weekly session on the ski. Today goal is to accumulate as many strokes as possible at a certain DPS. For that we are doing a long distance session that will get bigger as the plan progress.
Why do we need to accumulate strokes?
From a physiological standpoint, for every physiological ability we have a certain volume we need to accumulate to create the proper metabolic stimuli, so for when trying to develop the aerobic threshold (not to be confused with anaerobic threshold), we must do enough volume ’60 -‘180. Today we’ll do a total of ’90 with the goal of reaching ‘180 by the end of the 4 weeks.
From a technical stand point the more you repeat a certain movement with a certain form, this movement is being embedded into your technique and becomes your default. The same as you’ll will work on catching the water with a straight arm, rotate your torso or drive from the legs the same is with stroke quality. The more you’ll train at a certain DPS the more you’ll embed it into your stroke.
Every paddler have a certain stroke for a certain speed, a low speed storke doesn’t behave and looks a sprint stroke and a 12 KPH stroke doesn’t have the efficiency and aggressiveness of 16KPH stroke. If a paddler know that, he must make sure to train his storke technique in the different speeds and make sure that the stroke quality doesn’t diminish to much as the speed increase.
This is why today’s DPS must be greater than your race DPS, and the SPM varies between the interval. I’m trying to transfer my storke quality from the lower SPM to the higher SPM without diminishing my stroke quality.
To learn more on what I call the “Stroke Quality Diminishing Effect” check out my day 1 blog post.
Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to follow Motionize.
See you tomorrow.

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