Paddle Geek Blog – Day 5

2000m @650 strokes * 4 reps, ‘5P

Today session is our weekly “test” that we’ll do each Friday. This will be the only protocol that will not be change throughout the 4 weeks.
This is the second key session of the week, after Monday key session is being preformed on the sea/ traveling and not on a fixed course, for Friday we comeback to the “Lab” a stretch of water we know and feel we’ll have the least interruptions/ surprises.
The 2000m rep session I think is the most utilized protocol by kayak paddlers all over the world. The 1000m guys love it, the 200m guys absolutely hate it. As an athlete I always felt this session is where I can train my endurance while still keeping the boat in “planning” mode, thus make the training a little bit closer to the race feeling.
Each effort will have a be done at 650 strokes, for my current fitness that means around 70SPM, and 3m DPS.
Training and embedding a 3m DPS at my ATH, is a great way to make sure that I’m not only developing my stroke quality but also my stroke efficiency.
What’s the difference between stroke quality and stroke efficiency?
simple, stroke quality is only what is the output I get for each stroke (DPS). Stroke efficiency also takes into account how much each stroke is taxing my energetic system and what is the cost/ value ratio for paddling with such a stroke.
So mixing the right amount of metabolic load ( 4ml lactate AKA ATH) with DPS which is greater than my race DPS, will make sure that my stroke base line will be sufficient enough for higher speed.

If I’ll use my race DPS when training at lower speeds than the race an with lower metabolic demand (4ml lactate), what do you think will happen when I’ll take up the metabolic demand (8ml<)? exactly, the stroke in the race will suddenly feel empty.
So make sure to plan your session in a way you can track how many strokes you did for each effort, you can count the strokes in your head (which is a bit taxing your mental focus) or use Motionize that will give you your stroke count, DPS and SPM in real time while you paddle.
On a personal note: these blogs are intended to take away as much as I can from the mystery of training and racing. I believe that by using science research (which is know available to everyone) and basic reason, the road for success is paved. There is no magic or voodoo, only smart planing and careful, measurable execution. The insights that I share with you were gained by 15 years of professional kayak racing that yield great results but also many failures. I’d love for these insights to reach a younger audience that can make use of them to better their results. So please comment and share, would love to further discuss and geek out.
Hope you enjoyed and see you tomorrow.

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