Paddle Geek Blog – Day 23

Key session : ‘2 @ 60 SPM + ‘2 70 SPM + ‘2 80 SPM * 8 2’P
Today’s session is a key session on the ski, where I paddle for ‘6 straight, the first ‘2 with 60 SPM the second ‘2 on 70 SPM and the third ‘2 on 80 SPM.
The goal is to keep as much as possible the DPS and to carry it as I rise through the SPM. This protocol is great to develop the feeling for the technique and to improve the glide of the boat.
In the report below of one of the intervals, you can see that the boat speed went up with the rise of the SPM. I managed to carry the DPS from 60 SPM to 70 but when I went to 80 it started to drop.
The more I’ll train on carrying my DPS upward the less I lose it. I still have a lot of work to do, but it definitely works so far.
It was really great to meet Ilya Podpolnyy at the beach yesterday. shame there was no time for a selfie 😉
Hope you enjoyed and see you tomorrow.

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