Paddle Geek Blog – Day 22

Stroke control session – 3km @ 900 strokes *2 +
1km @ 300 strokes *2
For the beginning of the third week, I decided to transfer the stroke control session from the k1 and flat water to the ski on the sea.
After 3 weeks, you should try and challenge the stroke with the moving water of the sea.
I tried to work with 3.3m DPS for all the efforts, the sea was quite bumpy but not too much, so I still moved without a crazy difference in speed between the directions.
If on the river I tried to reach 4m DPS with 50 SPM, now I had to go down to 3.3m DPS but keeping the 50 SPM.
I the graphs below you can see that my DPS, SPM, and Speed were consistent and when the SPM was rising so did the DPS and speed, which is a great improvement from the last session.
So what was different? did I improve after one session? not really, I was more aware of what I was doing but the main difference was that my SPM was 50-55 and not 65-80 like on Saturday.
This a good beginning, from here slowly I’ll improve my transfer of DPS to the rising SPM.
This is why training according to DPS is so good, you always keep an eye on what is the end result of each stroke.
Hope you enjoy and see you tomorrow,

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