Paddle Geek Blog – Day 21

*** Paddle Geek Blog day 21 on how to assess your boat glide using stroke length ***
Day off
Every paddler wants to have the most efficient technique and the maximum boat glide. The Stroke is compromised of two parts the dry part when the paddle travel in the air and the wet part where it travels in the water. So basically what the paddler must do is to utilize the wet part as much as possible to create a greater dry part.
By using Motionize we can learn in real time while paddling what is your stroke length, meaning the wet part of the stroke. I can also see what is your distance per stroke when paddling, which is the sum of my dry and wet parts of the stroke.
To increase my boat glide aka the dry part you should try to monitor your stroke length in real time and try to extend my DPS as much as possible.
Here ae 5 tips on how to do that –
1. don’t over paddle – don’t try to pull the too much to the back, after the knee line start to exit the water.
2. Try to keep the paddle in a positive angle (before the vertical point) a much as possible.
3. Make sure to apply most of the pressure in the beginning of the stroke and gently release it when passing the knee line. Make it smooth.
4. Make a clean exit, don’t lift too much water when the paddle leaves the water.
5. Do not over-reach- a long stroke is worthless if you’ll lose your balance between the strokes.
In the pic below you can see a paddler who needs a lot of boat glide to run from the sharks.
Hope you enjoy, and see you tomorrow for the final week of the plan.

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