Paddle Geek Blog – Day 20

Accumulation paddle – 90′
It’s so good to be back in the boat, after 2.5 weeks of no paddling, I’m back baby!
Today’s session was long with low intensity, I took the ski and paddled ’45 against the bumps and ’44 returning.
My goal was to keep my DPS above 2.5 which is my race DPS.
As you can see in the graph I managed to be close to 3m DPS against the waves, with SPM around 65-75.
On the way back, though, I was very inefficient ( 75-85 SPM and 2.2- 2.6 DPM).
It was a perfect example of “stroke quality diminishing effect” which is that the more your SPM goes up your DPS goes down.
Chasing the small runs made me accelerate often and since I haven’t paddled for many days, I couldn’t transfer my stroke quality to the higher speeds which the whole technical goal of this training plan I’m writing about every day.
That is also the reason why on the way, although the conditions were more favorable, I was only 1′ faster. I guess I was more wheel spinning than paddling.
Anyhow, still was a great day to get back in the boat with wonderful sunshine. I guess writing in FB about paddling doesn’t make as fast as actually paddling :-/
Check out my graphs from my Motionize.
Hope you enjoy and see you tomorrow.

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