Paddle Geek Blog – Day 19

2000m @ 650 strokes *4 ‘5P
It’s Friday again and its time for our weekly 2000m session.
Over the years, 2000m were my secret weapon, I used them a lot and considered them my key training tool to improve my endurance and stamina.
There are two traditional methods to do the 2000m: straight line or with a turn on the 1000m. Both the straight or the turn are very good protocols but a quiet different from one another.
The turn is much more technical, the paddler must accelerate 4 times during each effort: First at the start, 2nd before the turn 3rd after the turn and the last one before the finish. Losing most of the boat speed on the turn and to gain it after it, is very exhausting, and forces the paddler to manage his energy, speed boat behavior.
The straight 2000m are different and are my favorites. You accelerate at the start and then try to keep your best speed until the finish. If done correctly, no need to accelerate at all just to keep going with your flow. For me, they always felt like the optimal distance to develop my ATH while still keeping the boat in planning. At longer efforts, I felt that the boat is too slow to keep the nose outside of the water, and on the shorter efforts, it felt like well, too short 🙂
I highly recommend to practice both methods and of course it highly dependable on the venue where you paddle and if it has a straight line 2000m.
2000m tend to get a bit heavy, and paddlers get carried away sometimes, so make sure to check your HR and not to paddle over your ATH level. If you’ll do so this session will leave a long tail we’ll have to recover from.
That’s it for today, hope you enjoy and see you tomorrow.
P.S – 3 points for the first paddler to comment where this 2000m course at.

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