Paddle Geek Blog – Day 17

Gym – 6 body weight exercises, 50-100 reps of each.
Today is our weekly gym session and instead of hypertrophy, we’ll do a body weight session. Body weight exercises are important to keep our light and agile.
I want to take this opportunity to talk about the importance of developing grip power when doing our gym sessions.
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and paddling is all about creating a chain in which the power will transfer from one link to the other. Legs > torso > hands > paddle > water. If you want to read further, please look for “power circles in kayaking” in google.
Without a doubt, in the paddling chain, the weakest link is the forearm muscles which are in charge of grip strength. Grip strength is also a direct indicator of general strength.
So if you want to have a magic fix to your sprinting, improving grip strength is the closest thing to that.
How to improve it? there are many ways to do so, but here are my favorites –
Pull ups – strong paddlers can do many pull ups, it might seem obvious, but there’s nothing better than many reps on the bar.
QB swings – A great tool to improve grip strength, don’t go too heavy though
Farmers walk – will improve your grip strength and will also be great for the core.
Hope you enjoy and share with me what your favorite exercises to improve grip strength.
See you tomorrow!

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