Paddle Geek Blog – Day 16

“40 @ 60 strokes 2.5DPS (race DPS) / “20P *10 4 sets ‘5P
Today is the first key session of the week. For that, we’ll change long time interval protocols we’ve done in the last 2 weeks into a “40/”20 protocol, one of the most famous paddling protocols.
The multiple short efforts with short break allow the paddler to work at a higher SPM and speed than the ATH while keeping the physiological response within the limits of the ATH. If done wisely, the many short breaks allow the HR to decrease between efforts, and due to the shortness of the work, the lactate doesn’t build up too much.
The 60 strokes for each effort will require the paddler to work in 90SPM and the race DPS (2.5). In previous posts, I wrote why I believe that in speeds above ATH the paddler should focus on paddling in his race DPS and not less or more than it.
In short, if you paddle at DPS shorter than your race DPS, you will slowly lose your race DPS and a greater DPS is not truly sustainable.
Make sure to track your HR while paddling and your DPS. You can also multiply 60* 2.5m/ race DPS to figure out what distance you should travel for each effort.
Hope you enjoy, make sure to follow motionize and see you tomorrow.

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