Paddle Geek Blog – Day 15

500m @125 strokes +100m @37 strokes * 8-10 P ‘2, ‘5
For the start of the third week, we’ll start to employ different protocols while keeping in mind our goal to improve our ATH speed.
Today session is a session that I like to call “Realization” –
This session is a combination of the stroke control we did in past 2 weeks and to it, we add a short sprint at race speed and DPS.
What I try to achieve in this kind of a session is a realization of the good stroke abilities (catch, glide, stability) we develop in each 500m and then try transfer them into to the race speed.
How does it work? The paddler paddle 500 @ 125 strokes, do a short break (‘1-‘2), turning and then do a 100m sprint at his planned race DPS and race speed.
So if my goal is to paddle the 500m @200 strokes and in ‘2’00, I should do the 100m at 40 strokes and try to paddle at around “24.0
This exercise is great chance to work on your stroke control at race speed without developing a lactic load that will carry to the next sessions so it is appropriate for the “base” work we are doing.
It also a good way to teach the paddler how to feel boat glide and proper boat drive while at race speed. From my experience, during the long base periods athletes employ, they tend to “forget” how a racing stroke feels like and this a good chance to do so while developing ATH and other aerobic properties.
Hope you enjoy and see you tomorrow,

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