Paddle Geek Blog – Day 14

Rest day.
I want to take advantage of the rest day to write about approaches to training. I have to preface and note that this is only how I see the world of sport.
While paddling in different parts of the world, training with many teams, I had the fortune to be exposed to different training methods and approaches.
Looking back at it, I can divide them into two main approaches –
A tradition based training system and a scientific based training system.
A traditional system is when a club/group/team club is basing the training and racing program according to the tradition, the coaches and managers have a lot of experience with a certain method, certain training plan, and protocols and they repeat year after year. They do so because it works and probably they had great success with it.
This system is working great when there are many paddlers in a group/ country and because the power of the group keeps the paddlers in control of each other and the constant rivalry in the training keeps the sessions at a high level. The con’s for this system is it might get outdated and it is very hard to iterate and make significant changes.
A Scientific system is a system that is very much based on recent research, has a lot of scientific proof (physiological, biomechanical etc…) and a lot of testing and control are implemented into it.
This is a great system for athletes that trains alone or come from a less organized system, since you are constantly measuring how the training effect your progress. The con’s to this program is that sometimes what looks great on the paper doesn’t meet the reality, also you have to do a lot of homework.
In my eyes, both systems are great and yielded great champions over the years, a smart coach will know how to create / harness tradition to his aid while embedding scientific logic and principles into it.To take the good of the two worlds and combine them. It is more easily said than done.
In the pic, you can see what tradition is all about, the world oldest and biggest kayak race.
Hope you enjoy and see you tomorrow.

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