Paddle Geek Blog – Day 13

Accumulation session 20km @ 270cm< DPS on the ski.
Greetings from Nelo Winter Challenge, I’m here to introduce Motionize to the racing community. It’s the first flatwater event for Motionize, so if you around make sure to say hello.
Today’s session is the weekly accumulation session. Accumulation session in my eyes is a session in which we have to accumulate as many good strokes as possible in a certain workload. What is a good stroke? For this kind of session, a good stroke is a stroke with a higher DPS than my race DPS (as much a possible). and if I’m aiming to race with 2.5m DPS, that means that if I’ll average a 2.7m for 20km that will be great.
An accumulation session is also a great opportunity to practice wash leads or downwind.
If you’re doing wash leads, make sure that when on the wash, stroke at lower SPM than the paddler that pulls. Don’t over stroke them, find your glide and try to be efficient as possible. There’s absolutely no point to just hanging on. Hanging on to your dear life on a wash is for the races, not for the training.
If you have a chance to crack a good downwind, make sure to be mindful for your stroke, I know it’s not always possible, but try to catch the runs with as little strokes as possible and while on it, try to use stirring and body movements to keep on it and don’t stroke too much.
I’ll try to do live streaming through the Motionize page from the race and the World Paddle Awards in the evening.
See you tomorrow,

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