Paddle Geek Blog – Day 12

2000m @650 strokes * 4 reps, ‘5P
Being the control session of the week, this session is meant to test if there was progress from week to week due to the training sessions.
If there was great progress that usually means the athlete was under-trained or under preformed. If the results were much slower than the week before that usually means the athlete is tired and the coach must think how to mange the loads for the coming weeks. A tired athlete is ok if if it happens with intention of the coach,but if an athlete should be recovered and still underperformed, thats a red flag for the coach.
The best is to have a slight progress with the session average 1%-3% for this kind of session and from week 1 to week 2. T@hat is ideal and seems like the program is in the right direction. In today’s session that means “5-“10 in the 2000m average.
If there were true progress in the session average times and we still keep the same 650 stroke count (fixed DPS) the SPM will be higher.
That is the point of training according to DPS, the better you get the efficiency stays the same and your SPM will slowly increase through the annul plan.
You just have to know what is your intended DPS for the race and make sure to build your training program around it.
In one of the old post there was a discussion regarding how beneficial it is to train with real time corrective feedback in the session. I believe that technology is only a tool in the process that the athlete and coach should know how to utilize best.
For instance in today’s session which is a very construct session, that we repeat 4 weeks in row I would plan the use of Motionize this way –
Live parameters – DPS, Stroke Count, Time, Distance and SPM
Week 1 – All 4 interval to do with the app live
Week 2 – First 2 intervals with live screen. 3+4 turn off the screen and count the strokes in the head.
Week 3 – First 2 with the screen off and counting strokes, last 2 with the screen off and without counting strokes
Week 4 – No tech in the session, the paddler will have the ability to keep the intended DPS for the session without any help. If he wants he can count the strokes in his head to make sure he’s on the right track.
This is the meaning of transfer, to develop/improve one capability and slowly transfer it towards the intended result.
Motionize tracks your session also when the screen is off and the app works in the background, and after the session you can analyze it.
tell me what you thin! Keep cool and see you tomorrow!

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