Paddle Geek Blog – Day 11

Fartlek ’60 every ‘5 30 strokes + weight in the boat.
In today’s session, we will repeat last week session but will add resistance to it – weight in the boat.
The extra weight is a great tool to help us develop the glide of the boat because of the added torque. I wrote abut it extensively in the first posts of the paddle geek, so check them out.
Combined with the weight the move of the paddler form low speed and SPM to the sprint and back again will make it much more challenging and will force the paddler to be much more precise with their technique and to handle the stroke differently.
In short, it will force the paddler to think and work harder.
When programming, For each block I like not to repeat the same individual training more than twice to prevent adaptation of the paddler for the training. I do a weekly session as a control but other than that, I try to avoid the paddler from getting used to the session. If a paddler is used to a session it takes away from the adaptation effect and thus decrease the super compensation.
The changes must be subtle, so the athlete will not be over whelmed and will get lost. You must be creative inside the constraint of the block with small changes.
if in the first week you do 3 sets, next week do 4 sets. Add weight or resistance, make the break shorter or longer etc… try to think outside of the box.
This is why I added to today session. I hope you enjoyed. See you tomorrow and don’t forget to follow Motionize.
Stay Golden!

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