Paddle Geek Blog – Day 10

*** why you should avoid a “Paddlers Ass” ***
Gym session 4-6 exercises 8-12 reps.
Today session is the same as last week. Check day 4 post to learn more on why I choose this protocol. Today I want to talk about the more common injury causes for kayakers – the “Kayakers Ass”.
If you’ll go around a kayak club or a race you’ll see paddlers with very big upper frame with skinny legs and under developed Gluteus.
Most paddlers tend to neglect working on their legs in the gym, they either think it’s not important for the stroke, they don’t want to gain “dead weight in the boat” or think that if they run that is enough to keep them strong.
A paddler needs to have strong legs for the following reasons –
1. The stability and health of the lower back depends on a balanced and developed core. If the primary muscle that should support the lower back is under developed, thats a injury waiting to happen. I recommend reading the works of Prof. Mcgill to learn more about how to prevent lower back injuries which are very common among paddlers (link in the comments).
2. Torso rotation, the prime movement of kayaking begins from the legs. By pushing the feet onto foot rest and transferring it through the hip this is how we create the rotation. weak legs means weak torso rotation.
3. Stability – strong legs help us keep the boat straight and the paddler above the water. All top strength coaches in the world describe the squat and deadlift as the best exercises to develop the core.
4. The legs will not get “heavier” if you’ll add one or two exercises a week. they will get healthy!
My favorite leg exercises are –
Kettelbell swing
Front Squat
Dead lift
You should be extremely careful when starting to practice these exercises (as all other gym workouts). Use a coach/instructor not youtube!
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See you tomorrow.

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