What is the best paddle entry angle?

Motionize SUPerior new innovative feature is the Real-Time Entry Angle. The entry angle is the entry angle of the moment your blade touches the water.

Why is it good for?

The entry angle is the best indicator of how efficient is your catch of the water.

But how do I decide what is the best angle for me?

That’s simple just use the entry angle test –

Take the SUPerior with you to the water on a mount that you can see it. Set the screen to show you your paddle angle.

Set the voice intervals for 2 minutes and start paddling.

After the first interval, check your cadence speed and entry angle.

In the second interval, make sure to paddle in the same SPM but try to catch the water at higher angle. If your speed improved try to go even with a higher angle and check if the speed increased again.

Keep on trying to reach further on each interval, until you’ll reach the point where the speed decreases. This point is called “overreaching” Which is where trying to reach to far is messing up with your balance and stability.


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Have fun and good luck!

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