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Introducing the QuickBlade Smart Paddle

We are proud to announce our new Smart Paddle, embedded with the Motionize sensor, to give you LIVE coaching feedback, stroke analysis and other data to help you train hard, paddle fast and have much more fun!

Oru Kayak

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Michele Eray – Professional Olympic Coach

“Motionize takes the guesswork out of what you are doing. With or without a coach, you can start sharpening your technique”

Michele Eray

Oscar Chalupsky – 12-time World Champion

“Motionize can give beginners the help they need to become proficient enough that paddling is enjoyable and worth investing in as a sport”

Oscar Chalupsky

Sean Rice – ICF Surf Ski World Championship 2013

“The functionality of Motionize is as limitless as the aspirations of any paddler using it.”

Sean Rice
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