17 Summer Gear Guide: The Best in SUP

"Our editors curated and personally tested some of the most exciting, innovative, stylish and just plain fun products that Summer 2017 has to offer. Here are our top picks for SUP and paddle sports." Motionize SUPerior Why we chose it:  For standup paddling, technique is everything and we wanted real-time feedback about our stroke – [...]

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6 tips that will help you improve your SUP balance

Don’t overreach - trying to incorporate more leg work and rotation is great, but not at the expense of your stability. Make sure that your board glide smoothly without tilting in the recovery phase. Don’t over pull - pulling the paddle  too long to the back at a negative paddle angle will pull your [...]

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4 best core exercises to improve your SUPing

Forearm to push up plank - A great exercise that will teach you how to keep bracing while activating your arms and shoulders Alternate leg raises plank - Same as the previous plank but for the lower back and legs, also a much more challenging exercise balance wise [...]

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What is the best paddle entry angle?

Motionize SUPerior new innovative feature is the Real-Time Entry Angle. The entry angle is the entry angle of the moment your blade touches the water. Why is it good for? The entry angle is the best indicator of how efficient is your catch of the water. But how do I decide what is the [...]

2017-05-03T13:52:46+00:00 May 7th, 2017|The Coach - Roei Yellin|

QuickBlade looks to change paddleboard industry with the innovative Smart Paddle

"....Terrell said he expects the Smart Paddle to improve paddler’s performance in many ways. First, it intends to help them determine a normal stroke rate to allow them the ability to notice when they’re starting to tire or when their form starts falling. This is especially important for beginners developing their form. “It will give them [...]

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"....Owners of QuickBlade’s innovative paddle have access to measurements of speed, distance per stroke, the number of strokes per side, and other performance data while in the water. It also offers paddler’s the ability to create a map of their route and share their sessions via a laptop or a mobile app — once [...]

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