"..The mind behind Quickblade, Jimmy Terrell, partnered with Motionize to create this new device that gives real-time info to your phone as you’re paddling, which means you can mount your phone on your board and see just what’s happening as your training.." Read more at Supthemag

2017-04-24T16:37:01+00:00 January 26th, 2017|Media & Press|

Quickblade Paddles Partners with Motionize to Launch Smart Paddle

"Quickblade Paddles, originators of the world’s most innovative paddles, has partnered with Motionize to bring SUP’s first smart paddle to market. Embedded with Motionize’s proprietary sensor technology, the Quickblade Smart Paddle provides paddlers with real-time feedback on their stroke via a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone.." Read more at Supexaminer

2017-04-24T16:38:49+00:00 January 24th, 2017|Media & Press|

10 weeks training plan to improve your paddle technique

This training plan is aimed at experienced paddlers that wish to improve their paddling technique, stroke strength, power and coordination. The following sessions are utilizing different techniques and methods to increase stroke power, quality and efficiency. Keep in mind that it is very hard to build muscle and lower body strength through kayaking, so if [...]

2017-04-24T16:40:05+00:00 January 22nd, 2017|Training Plans|

Kayak technique – The “Cultural stroke”

As a young paddler, I was only interested in paddling fast and my coaches always told me to slow down and work on a more “cultural stroke”. With the years I can only appreciate the depth hidden in those two words – a “Cultural Stroke”. What did they mean? A cultural stroke means that [...]

2017-02-13T13:47:08+00:00 January 18th, 2017|The Coach - Roei Yellin|
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