Michele Eray

Having moved from South Africa to take the role of High Performance Director with USA Canoe/Kayak, Michele Eray is now coaching full time, with the hopes of Olympic Qualification for her athlete, Maggie Hogan. Her personal mantra resonates with many adventure sports enthusiasts, “You regret more in life the things that you didn’t do, than [...]

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Oscar Chalupsky

Admired for his long professional career in kayaking, Oscar Chalupsky is a 12-time World Champion and CEO. When he’s not busy kayaking or running Nelo Kayaks Surfski, his inspirational career has made him a coveted motivational speaker. A 12-time surfski world champion, Oscar's impressive career spans more than three decades filled with achievements. In the [...]

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Sean Rice

A professional surfski paddler and World Champion in 2013, Sean Rice joined Motionize's athlete supporters in 2015. He is a world-class kayaker and a sought-after coach. He sees kayaking as one part of a fun and happy lifestyle. Catch up with Sean Rice at one of our events or get world class coaching through his [...]

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