The importance of good technique in paddle sports

Watch any elite athlete, and what sticks out is how effortless athletes make their chosen sport look. A swimmer glides through the water, a marathon runner seems to float above the ground, and a top level kayaker looks efficient and smooth, their body operating as one whole unit to propel their boat forwards. Whether [...]

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Boat Glide

Kayaking, in contrast to other sports, is not only about the “burn”, the high pulse, or the average speed throughout the session. As one of the more complicated techniques in the sporting world, paddling technique has a secret ingredient: boat glide. From Olympic champions to novice paddlers there's a common thread that runs through [...]

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Secret to Speed & Safety: Your Elbows

When looking at the common injuries of the paddling community, there are two main danger zones – the lower back and the shoulder joint. In this blog post, we will explain how to prevent shoulder injuries with one simple guideline – elbows down. The human shoulder is a very complex joint that consists of [...]

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A Sprinter’s Technical Toolkit

Imagine you’re running an 800m race, on a balance beam, with the first 100m an all-out sprint! Sprint Canoe is a technical sport; athletes need the aerobic engine of a marathon runner and the strength of a sprinter.  Success in Sprint Canoe requires a finely tuned athletic engine and excellent technique, carried out in [...]

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Speed Matters: Tips for Downwind Paddlers

What is your average time for 10km? How many miles can you paddle in an hour? Sounds familiar? When it comes to measuring their ability, it's fairly common for paddlers to fixate on certain parameters. This habit will eventually hurt your progress because, to become a proficient paddler, you must develop a variety of [...]

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Motionize Edge: A Step-by-Step Honest Review from a surf ski paddlers perspective

Disclaimer: Motionize provided me an Edge system to review and use in mine and my partners training program these past few months. There was no payment for this review etc. Unboxing: This is one of the most exciting moments for all those that open new gadgets. A system that offers so much detail and [...]

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Performance Data Analysis: Stroke Length, Distance Per Stroke, and Stroke Placement

Stroke length, distance per stroke, and stroke placement What do they mean? Why are they important? And how can use this data to improve your performance? Let us help… On the Motionize Paddle app, you can view two different parameters that paddlers tend to confuse. In this short post, we’ll dive into the difference [...]

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Maggie Hogan

A medal-winner in World Cup and ICF Championships, Maggie Hogan is a fan of all things surf. She enjoys surf ski paddling, surfing, and SUP when she’s training for Olympic Qualification. Among her many achievements, Maggie completed the tough Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race in under seven hours. Her most recent accomplishments are winning a World [...]

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