Motionize Paddle’s sensors connect to Garmin’s smartwatch, enabling Garmin users to have the ultimate kayaking experience with Motionize and their . Motionize Connect IQ app allows Motionize Paddle users to enjoy real-time corrective feedback directly from their Garmin while paddling. It’s the perfect solution for multi-sport enthusiasts who want to have all their activity all [...]

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Oru Kayak

Oru Kayak, based in San Francisco, manufactures lightweight folding kayaks. Oru’s patented technology is throughout their product line, which features kayaks made for casual use to serious expeditions. The beauty of Oru kayaks is their ruggedness combined with portability. They can fit in the trunk of your car, get checked on a plane, and carried [...]

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NDK – Sea kayaking

Visit NDK home page True pioneers of paddlesport and with over 20 years of experience, Nigel Dennis & Elia Wilkinson of Sea Kayaking UK design and manufacture top quality glass, carbon or Kevlar, single and double sea kayaks. Central figures in the UK paddling community they are well known for their reliable, durable, and superbly [...]

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RAM Mounts give Motionize users the confidence to face any condition on the water, without worrying about their phone. The flexibility and versatility of RAM Mounts make it perfect for changing conditions on the water and avoiding glare. RAM is easy to mount, holds a large variety of phones, and we’re proud to be working [...]

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