Kayak technique – The “Cultural stroke”

As a young paddler, I was only interested in paddling fast and my coaches always told me to slow down and work on a more "cultural stroke". With the years I can only appreciate the depth hidden in those two words - a "Cultural Stroke". What did they mean? A cultural stroke means that [...]

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Training Plan to get in shape when you start paddling

Week 1 Day Program Description Type Monday 1. 10' warm up (easy paddling and adjustment) 2. 1' @ 50-60 SPM on / 1' off *20 reps. 3. 10' cool down   This training will teach the paddler to create paddling consistency without straining too much. Don't try to paddle fast, focus on the flow [...]

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Training Plan for 10KM Race

Duration: 8 weeks Audience: Surf-ski paddlers, sea kayakers, K1 enthusiasts. Level: Advanced Training per week: 3 Notes: In General, Sea kayakers should have 5-10 SPM lower than suggested in the plan   Week 1 (base work) Day Monday Thursday Sunday Type of training An-aerobic  threshold intervals Stroke technique Intervals Volume work Pulse range: 80% [...]

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10 weeks training plan to improve your paddle technique

This training plan is aimed at experienced paddlers that wish to improve their paddling technique, stroke strength, power and coordination. The following sessions are utilizing different techniques and methods to increase stroke power, quality and efficiency. Keep in mind that it is very hard to build muscle and lower body strength through kayaking, so [...]

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